Additional Maths

Revision for WJEC Additional Maths


The content of the WJEC Level 2 certificate in Additional Mathematics is laid out in this document:-


The following topics are covered in WJEC Addiditional Maths. For each topic there is some revision material and questions from past papers with worked solutions for some of them. Complete past papers are also provided along with the marking scheme for some of them.

Past Papers

These are the past papers from which the past paper questions under the topics have been selected, but attempting a complete past paper will highlight any topics that you are not fully sure of.

Below is another specimen paper for which there are a set of videos explaining how to answer the questions. It is recommended that you try the paper and then use the videos to check how to do anything you were unsure of. It is worth redoing the paper a few days or a week later to see if you remember how to do any questions you were stuck on.

Video solutions to specimen paper questions